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Teambuilding program.This is a very interesting program for the teachers, as it combines a funny activity, as our exciting adventure course in the forest, with a team work activity specially prepared for students.

“Today they are still students, but soon they will be in the working world”

Theoretical they are good but, they are not able to work as a team or solve new and unexpected situations.

In the future they might become great mathematics, technicians or plumbers but, they have to learn to relate with other people, to listen to them, to work as a team, in order to be able to take challenges in a positive way.

The students:

  • Will work on communication, and listening.
  • Learn to trust there team members in difficult situations.
  • Develop self confidence and trust on their abilities.
  • Motivate one another.
  • Achieve courage to overcome their fears.
  • Enjoy activities with their companions.
  • Discover the greater possibilities of the group working together.

This program is ideal for students, starting from 13/14 years old.


Price per student

Tree Top Climbing and Team Building

  • All the materials

** VAT included

These prices include:

Insurance Civil Responsibilities

Skilled trainers supervising and helping the group

Usage of the facilities

All the materials

15 students min.


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