Quads for Schoolgroups

Program activities for students from 4th grade.

Quads Driving a motor activity for youth focused from 1.40 cms tall.

We conducted an extensive explanation and instill respect for the Environment, Safety Standards and operation of the quad, the groups are small and each monitor coordinate your group

Tours within our farm where participants will enjoy a different and exciting activity.

Excursion in Quad 30 min. Can be performed throughout the year. It is advisable to wear comfortable sports clothing suitable for the weather conditions on the day of the activity, athletic footwear and securely attached to floor (if possible specializing in mountain).

We offer these materials: Hygienic Soto-helmet, helmet and rain gear if necessary.

Maximum 50 ~ 60 participants.

Table of Prices 2016/2017

From 20 persons

Quads for Schoolgroups

  • Fully controlled by our staff and security systems
  • Adaptable activity as driver education course

** VAT included

These prices include:

Insurance Civil Responsibilities

Skilled trainers supervising and helping the group

Usage of the facilities

All the materials


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