Spanish Association of Adventure Parks

Activ Natura supports the Spanish Association of Adventure Parks

ACTIV NATURA is a founding member of the Association of Adventure Parks in Spain (AEPA). AEPA is born with vocation and the spirit of partnership business professionalize the field of woodland Adventure Parks, with all its partners to meet with the European standard EN15567: 1 and EN15567: 2. This will protect users of companies that, even knowing the guidelines issued by C.E. for such parks, build facilities and activities with a loss of security, both in the construction and in their implementation.

In ACTIV NATURA, since 2004, construction and implementation procedures are audited annually by the international certification company APAVE. Furthermore, our internal procedures defined thorough weekly checks of all facilities. In this activity, don’t cheat. Always go to a park that has the distinctive “AEPA”. Guarantee of safety, and quality.