Laser Combat


It’s a new combat game that is experiencing the fastest growth around the world, based on the same principles as the paintball or Touchball (Air soft). Based on, the latest technology in military training.

The guns shoot an infrared light, similar to the remote controls; it is totally harmless and does not cause bruising. No need of protective clothing, or masks.


There is no risk to participants and of course being “touched” does not mean any pain, but gun stops firing. The minimum age to play this exciting game is 8 years. There are several types of missions, which are adapted to the level of the participants.These are only some of them:

The mercenary, total elimination, VIP, all against all, catch the flag, the hill, find the black box, kidnapping and more.

Ideal for team building exercises; team games, birthday celebrations or bachelor parties.

  • Playing Laser Combat, unlike paintball, there is no needs to wear a protect ion masks, or a body coverall.
  • Does not shoot any kind of object or projectile.
  • The Laser Combat is a game fit for anyone from eight years of age, in which men and women compete on equal terms.
  • You do not need extra expenses.
  • No one will end full of bruises, the only you pride might get hurt.
  • It ensures a high intensity game and an incomparable discharge of adrenaline.
  • Develops motor skills, guidance, strategic skills, cardiovascular capacity, etc…
  • Being a team game is ideal to promote fellowship, communication, leadership, etc…
  • Exergaming” or “exertainment” — the marriage of physical exercise and video gaming, it helps reducing the obesity epidemic.
  • It provides physical benefits as any other activity or sport performed outdoors.

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Table of prices

Laser Combat

Under 16 years
  • You can play from the age of 8.
  • Two different stage with helicopters, trucks, jeeps and ambulances war.
  • Ideal for birthday parties, groups of friends, sports teams, schools.

Laser Combat

Over 16 years
  • You can play from the age of 16.
  • Ideal for teambuilding programs (Teamwork), bachelor / as, friends.

** VAT included

Exclusivity of the field, I minimum 20 players.